Aztec Glass

How Aztec Glass Works

Imagine being able to control every facet of your glass business without the hassle of long term contracts or ongoing costs of current software.  
Imagine no longer having to renew, update or support an ageing infrastructure to run your glass software, and never having to pay for support. 
Imagine working from anywhere in the world, and generating costs for tenders and quotations in a few clicks. 
Imagine being able to access the full suite of software for no extra cost,  all for a simple monthly cost. 

Imagine no more.

Try the full suite free for 30 days, support included.

Here are some of the amazing features included:

Aztec Glass is cloud-based so there are added benefits you won’t get with other locally-hosted glass software options. 

  • Cloud based so work from anywhere
  • Continual updates
  • Monthly subscription with no hidden costs
  • Support included at no extra cost
  • Add and remove users as required on a monthly basis
  • Licence fee is per user,  not per desktop
  • Install in under 5 minutes
  • Runs from Windows tablets to full blown server infrastructure 
  • Secured by SSL encrypted servers


Instantly price a work order to show potential profits or losses with Beat-a-Quote. It works out the cheapest price you can sell your glass for and enables you to quickly reprice, based on the following:

  • Cost
  • Fixed price
  • Stock + percentage – the buying price of the glass and a percentage for selling it on.


Glass is fragile and accidents happen; be it during processing, in transit, at installation, or in the life cycle. 

  • Recall orders and attribute reasons for remakes
  • Track remakes giving you control over stock levels 
  • Generate chargebacks to clients or internal departments


Aztec Glass accounting can be run independently or can be linked to your accounting package. You can also export to: 

  • Xero,
  • Sage,
  • MYOB,
  • Quickbooks, and more accounting systems. 


Our Aztec-Optimiser gives you the option to manually input glass sizes, optimise clear and patterned glass from different stock sheet sizes and produce clearly detailed cutting diagrams tailored to your needs.

  • Efficient results in shortest possible time 
  • Optimises stock sheet sizes or full or split jumbo sheet sizes
  • Link with many optimisers 
  • Linked to most glass cutting tables 

Live Production Manager

Track your glass through a percentage system, so you know exactly what stage of the process your product is, from cutting to delivery. 

  • Tracking on the workshop floor 
  • Manage staff workload effectively 

Feature Requests

Got an idea for a new feature? Or maybe you’d like a more vibrant screen to look at, rather than grey? Just ask us. 

  • Request new features and customisations 
  • No fees or charges for features 

Double Glazing

Just input the job specifications and the software does the rest; even warn you of a possible loss through the Aztec Glass integrated costing system. 

  • Adjusts prices for ANY sized unit
  • Recognises special customer prices 
  • Processes instructions accurately 
  • Apply different colours of spacer bars across a range of thicknesses



Chase outstanding invoices without switching apps and generate invoices from glass work orders with the click of a button. 

  • Integrated invoicing system
  • Generate invoices and delivery notes from work orders
  • View work in progress via reports
  • Advanced search and filtering, via account codes, telephone numbers and customer order number 


Costing work is simple and easy. With the true total cost, overhead allowance and selling price displayed prominently on the cost screen, you have all the information you need to make decisions efficiently. 

  • Pricing is automatically calculated 
  • Recover overheads without further calculation 
  • Special costing and unique selling rates for specific jobs
  • Re-calculate for transport costs, overheads and labour


When you create a work order, glass details are automatically transferred to the label section for you. 

  • Print labels individually or in batches 
  • Filter to locate labels, jobs, glass types and dates quickly 
  • Adaptable print status for printing, holding and reprinting. 

Toughened Glass Reports

The toughened glass reports allow you to send printed orders straight to your supplier. 

  • Automatically send details from single glass and double glazed unit items 
  • Increase communication with suppliers 
  • Editing facility for manual addition of items 


The costing system charges the correct processing fee to a particular type, like edge-work, bevelling, drilling, or polishing, and size of glass, which means you don’t have to. 

  • Handles different variables while doing the math for you 
  • Pricing errors are removed
  • Special customer discounts are automatically calculated 

The best feature of all? 

It’s all included in one, hassle free, monthly subscription. 

It's Time to Level Up.

Aztec Glass will change the way you do business. Get started with a free trial right now. No obligations. No fuss.